Monday, August 11, 2008

About Cravings & Ravings

I love food, love feeding people even more, and I've been a food writer for several years now. I write a monthly column for The Nashua Telegraph about New Hampshire made foods, and used to write for many other publications and websites including, Merrimack Valley Magazine, 168, the Manchester Mirror, and more. Anyway.... I am now the editor of Welcome to Miami & The Beaches magazine, which is the #1 tourist guide in Miami, and while I love my job, I want to write about other stuff too.

I couldn't choose between writing about politics and news (which I love, and which my friend Tracy Krulik writes about so well on her blog) and writing about food, so I decided to do both.

Easy foods that taste great and won't break the bank are my specialty, and I want to share my experiences (both hits and misses) because I feel that one thing largely missing in today's world is an easy-to-enjoy food experience. With food prices on the rise, restaurants skyrocketing (or closing!) and gas out of control, learning simple and wonderful meals to cook is a great way to cut costs, and maybe tap into a brand new creative side.

So this blog is my place to share recipes and cooking info and tips, along with the occasional (okay, frequent) rant or rave about whatever had struck me that day. That's it; if you have any food topics you'd like covered, let me know!

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Tracy said...

I love this!!!!! I hope you'll think of us animal-lovin' vegetarians periodically in your posts. Thanks for the plug!